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Giants family bright

Giants family jewelry watch brand, launched in 1948, in the process of its development in 65, has been with the world’s most advanced technology and the best « TAB technician » is known. Powerful magnifying glass jewelry inlaid, manual polishing, engraving, cutting and assembling, giants family make a leisurely limited edition watch attentively,. At the same time, the big family on the TAB material in addition to using the most precious materials (gold, white gold, rose gold, precious stones, natural pearl shell, diamond, or trim dial), and skillfully use of galaxies in the universe around to show the characteristics of unique rotating diamond design for you.

Giants family DNA – spinning process
Counting many giants family masterpiece, « rotation » is undoubtedly its design concept at the heart of the most iconic. In 1981, the giants family magic wrist Giants family bright  20130524172817_48668watch series, « rotation » unique pioneering product design became a clock and watch industry. The « spin » design and implementation of more in the works of each type of rich family, become a brand of DNA technology. Last year’s Basel fair clock, giants family launched elaborate « Polaris » wrist watch series, creative interpretation to « rotate » concept, acclaimed. , a big family, 2013 magical moonlight of xia ling series in colorful serpentine watch salute to Chinese traditional snake.
Stealth studded with 18 k white gold dial 577 square diamond, weighing 23.88 carats, dial a 2.15 -carat featured on drill with its axis of rotation, as if in the vast sky give directions to the pedestrian in the north star.
With rose gold or platinum coil wrist, dial the underlying compose full of dazzling diamonds, three-dimensional carving xia frivolous, a rotatable clever xia scales such as wave, lifelike.
Giants and royal family history
Through giants family (Sarcar) half a century of history, the acme of finely crafted aesthetic and creative artistic style, is ubiquitous. Relies on its outstanding aesthetic taste of royal family from all over the world, many celebrities and watch collectors fall in love, make the giants family jewelry watches a unique brand of legend, let the « big family » these four words, worthy of the name. Closely and deep relationship with the royal family, including thering is no lack of such as Thai PuMei peng king, Bhutan Wang Wang issue such as part of the guest.
Giants family to celebrate the emperor in the 60th anniversary of the Thailand, is also its a celebration of 80 years of age, specially designed for he made a royal honour series wrist watch. During the watch design, rich family honour to get king bhumibol allows the use of the personal badges and royal family have diamond cutting method.

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